Empowering your sales process with the right tools can significantly boost your productivity and results. It's no secret that the contemporary sales landscape is heavily reliant on technology for efficiency and success. In this context, chrome extensions have emerged as a game-changing tool for sales professionals. They offer a variety of functionalities that can elevate yoursales operations to new heights. From prospecting to email management to productivity enhancement, there's a chrome extension for almost every sales need.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore some of the best chrome extensions for salespeople. We'll delve into their features, benefits,and how they can revolutionize your sales process. Armed with these tools,you'll be ready to conquer the sales world. Let's dive in!

Unleashing the Power of Chrome Extensions for Sales

Google Chrome isn't just a web browser; it's a robust platform that can transform into a powerful sales tool with the right extensions. These extensions are essentially small software programs that enhance your browsing experience and supercharge your sales efforts.

Whether you're a sales newbie or a seasoned professional, the right chrome extension can help you streamline your tasks, automate processes, and ultimately help you sell more in less time. From prospecting to email management to productivity boosters - there's a chrome extension for every sales task out there.

The Magic of Prospecting Chrome Extensions

Prospecting is undeniably the backbone of sales. The more quality leads you have in your pipeline, the better your chances of closing deals. However, prospecting can be a daunting task, often taking up a significant chunk of a salesperson's time. This is where chrome extensions for prospecting can be a game-changer.


With SMARTe’s Extension, access your prospect’s information like direct dials, emails, firmographics, and technographics while browsing company websites and LinkedIn profiles including Sales Navigator. Reveal this information in a single click and save it to your CRM or sales engagement tool.

You get:

Free to start with: Get 10 free reveal credits every month to find your prospect’s direct dial, business emails, and mobile numbers from SMARTe’s database of 225 million contacts from 20 million companies across 110+ countries.

Easy to use Dashboard: Build and save target lists using SMARTe’s 55+ advanced demographic filters and narrow down your ICP.

Prospect faster, anywhere: Reveal contact and company information on company websites and LinkedIn.

Target more buyers: Unlimited downloads for sales users to reach more decision-makers and close deals faster.

Fresh and accurate data: SMARTe’s database is refreshed every 90 days to give you accurate and valid data across 50+ million job titles and 50+ functions.

Super charge your prospecting: Our mobile numbers have a coverage of 70% in North America and 45% across EMEA, APAC, and LATAM with unlimited downloads for sales users.


AeroLeads is another powerful prospecting tool that helps you find contact information for key business decision-makers. It works by scraping data from sites like LinkedIn and Crunchbase, providing you with valuable insights about your targets.


Apollo is a prospecting database filled with heaps of data. It filters millions of contacts by company size, industry, and other parameters, allowing you to find your ideal prospects with ease. It also offers an email scraper, making it a comprehensive sales tool.


Hunter.io is a notable chrome extension that helps you find company email addresses from websites. It's a reliable tool that can significantly boost your email prospecting efforts.

Email Management Chrome Extensions: A Boon for Salespeople

Managing emails can be a challenging task for sales professionals. From keeping track of responses to scheduling emails, it can quickly become overwhelming. Email management chrome extensions can help you stay on top of your email game.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a fantastic chrome extension that brings HubSpot's major features to your internet browser. This includes email tracking, CRM integration, email templates, and a meeting scheduler. It helps you stay connected with your leads and ensures seamless communication.


Grammarly is an automated writing assistant that checks theg rammar, spelling, and tone of your emails, ensuring you always convey your message effectively. It's a must-have chrome extension for salespeople, helping them avoid embarrassing errors in their communication.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is an all-in-one email productivity tool that offers functionalities like email scheduling, tracking, and inbox pausing. Its AI-powered assistant, respondable, predicts the likelihood of a response, helping you improve your email communication.

Boosting Productivity with Chrome Extensions

Productivity is key to sales success. The more productive you are, the more deals you can close. Thankfully, there are several chrome extensions designed to boost your productivity.


Todoist is a full-featured productivity tool that helps youmanage your tasks efficiently. With Todoist, you can plan and keep track of your tasks, collaborate with your team, set reminders, and more.


Momentum is a chrome extension that transforms new tabs into productivity boosters. It replaces the standard new tab with a personal dashboard that displays task lists, weather information, and inspirational quotes.


OneTab is a handy productivity tool that saves up to 95% memory by reducing tab clutter. It converts all your tabs into a list, improving browser performance and eliminating distractions.

Chrome Extensions for Social Selling

Social selling is an integral part of modern sales strategies. It involves using social media platforms to find and engage withprospects. Chrome extensions can help you excel at social selling.


Bit.ly is a popular chrome extension that allows you to customize your web links to make them more appealing to users. It also provides insights into how people are interacting with your social media posts.


Buffer is an excellent tool for sharing content across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It helps you schedule and track your messaging efforts, enhancing your social selling strategies.

Chrome Extensions for Messaging Creativity

Effective communication is crucial in sales. Chrome extensions can help you communicate your sales message more creatively and effectively.


BombBomb allows you to connect with prospects by recording, sending, and tracking video emails. It adds a personal touch to your sales outreach, helping you build trust with your prospects.


Giphy is a fun extension that lets you add animated gifs to your messages. It allows you to emphasize points or deliver comic relief, helping you connect with your customers more effectively.

Chrome Extensions for Project Collaboration and Management

Collaboration and project management are essential in sales. Chrome extensions can help you manage your projects effectively and collaborate with your team.


Trello is a popular project management and collaboration tool. The Trello chrome extension lets you access your Trello boards and create new cards while surfing the web.

Basecamp Notifier

Basecamp Notifier keeps you updated about every project you're involved in. It provides desktop notifications about tasks and activities, helping you stay on top of your projects.

Chrome Extensions for CRM Sync

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital in sales. Chrome extensions can help you sync your work and manage your customer relationships more effectively.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a chrome extension that integrates with Salesforce to help you schedule more appointments with prospects. It syncs your email and calendar with your CRM, making it easier to track and update activities.

Salesforce Navigator

Salesforce Navigator is a handy tool that lets you navigate to any page on Salesforce directly from your browser. It increases your efficiency and makes it easier to manage your CRM tasks.

Chrome Extensions for Data Security

In the digital age, data security is a major concern for sales professionals. Thankfully, there are chrome extensions that can help you keep your data secure.


LastPass is a password manager that keeps your multiple accounts secure. It remembers all your passwords, so you don't have to, enhancing your online security.


AdBlock is a chrome extension that blocks annoying ads, enhancing your browsing experience and keeping you focused on your work.

Choosing the Right Chrome Extensions for Your Team

Choosing the right chrome extensions for your sales team depends on your specific needs and goals. Consider your team's daily tasks and challenges, and choose extensions that can address these areas effectively. Remember to also consider the ease of use, integration with your existing tools, and the cost of the extension.

Chrome extensions offer a world of possibilities for sales professionals. From efficient prospecting to seamless email management to enhanced productivity, these tools can drastically transform your sales operations. Choose the right extensions for your team and watch your sales soar to new heights!

Sayali Kamble

Sayali is a Content Executive at SMARTe. She specialises in creating informative B2B marketing and sales content.

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All your questions, answered.

How do chrome extensions enhance sales prospecting efforts?

Chrome extensions for sales prospecting streamline the process by providing direct access to prospect information like direct dials, emails, and firmographics while browsing company websites and LinkedIn profiles. With tools like SMARTe, AeroLeads, and Apollo, sales professionals can effortlessly gather valuable insights about potential leads, significantly boosting their prospecting efficiency and success rates.

What role do email management chrome extensions play in sales productivity?

Email management chrome extensions such as HubSpot Sales, Grammarly, and Boomerang for Gmail are indispensable for sales professionals in managing their email communication effectively. These tools offer features like email tracking, grammar and spelling checks, email scheduling, and inbox organization, ensuring seamless communication with leads and enhancing overall productivity in sales operations.

How can chrome extensions revolutionize social selling strategies?

Chrome extensions like SMARTe, Bit.ly, and Buffer play a crucial role in optimizing social selling efforts for sales professionals. By customizing web links, tracking link interactions, and scheduling social media posts across multiple platforms, these extensions empower sales teams to engage with prospects on social media effectively, build brand presence, and drive conversions.

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