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A Washington Post article mentioned, “Work interruptions can cost you 6 hours a day”. And as it is, sales reps have a lot on their plate – calls, emails, updating CRM, meetings, etc.

The biggest of them – hitting targets.

Sales reps are always on the lookout for hacks to ramp up their productivity while saving time.

Chrome Extensions are fun if you know the right ones to seamlessly fit into the daily work that helps you hit your daily and weekly sales quota.

Getting direct dials for cold calling, writing perfect emails, scheduling meetings, updating your CRM and a lot more is possible within your browser using various extensions.  

We have listed below a few Chrome Extensions that are in-house favorites among our sales team.

1. SMARTe – To get direct dials and work emails

SMARTe – To get direct dials and work emails

SMARTe’s Chrome extension equips sales reps with the most crucial information they need for prospecting – direct dials and valid business emails. SMARTe’s extension can be accessed while browsing any company website and your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. You can find accurate prospect database and save time spent on researching for outreach. With SMARTe’s data platform you have a mobile coverage of 70% in NA and 50% in EMEA and APAC (unlimited downloads for sales users). You can access direct dials and business emails, and save this information directly to your CRM without leaving your browser tab.

Download SMARTe's Chrome Extension to save time, increase connect rates and boost your pipeline!

2. Lavender – A sales email assistant

Lavender – A sales email assistant

Lavender suite is optimized for sales reps to write personalized emails using data and linguistic AI. Salespeople can leverage this extension in their inboxes and perfect their outbound messaging using prospect insights. You just need to input a few key phrases and Lavender will create a few templates for you to use while showing how it will look on mobile. It also confirms if your prospect’s email is valid. What better ways to save time while boosting your open rates and chances of getting a reply?

3. Instant Booker by Chili Piper- Automate Scheduling & Handoffs

Instant Booker by Chili Piper- Automate Scheduling & Handoffs

We all know the humdrum caused while scheduling a meeting with your prospects. Chili Piper helps you schedule meetings with 1-click suggesting different times over emails or your CRM/MAP. Sales reps can save time as Chili Piper qualifies and distribute leads in real-time. Handoffs between SDRs and AEs can be automated and it is easier to book meetings from marketing campaigns and events.

4. Dooly – Update Salesforce faster

Dooly – Update Salesforce faster

A considerable amount of time and effort is spent by salespeople while updating the salesforce. Dooly takes notes during your meeting and updates them to the right fields in salesforce. You can share deal information with your teams with Dooly’s connected workspace. You also get talking points and collaterals in real-time to keep you on top of the conversation.

5. Forest- To stay focused

Forest- To stay focused

Work distractions are real and take up a considerable amount of time. Most of us are guilty of having a quick look at Facebook or Reddit but spending more than a while browsing. Forest is a fun and interesting way to help you stay focused. It lets you grow a forest-based on how much time you focused on work. You can create a blacklist of distracting websites, and your forest stops growing by accessing them. For every time you focus, you earn a coin, & you can spend them on planting real trees with Trees for the Future.

6. Loom- To record and capture your screen

Loom- To record and capture your screen

Video prospecting is a buzz these days and is a great way to humanize your sales process. Loom’s extension lets to create and share videos in a few clicks. You can create videos saying “hi” to your prospects, record product demos, and instantly share them with a link. You get notified every time someone views, reacts, or comments on your video. Our teams use Loom to create product demos, walkthroughs, and quick introductions before a meeting.

Chrome Extensions are intended to save time you spend switching tabs, getting organized, and improving focus. What are your go-to extensions that dominate your day to day?

Niraja Kadakuntla

Niraja is a Sales Devleopement enthusiast and excels in writing from her experience about selling and how to build relationships with prospects.

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All your questions, answered.

What Chrome Extension Can Provide Direct Dials and Work Emails for Sales Prospecting?

SMARTe's Chrome extension offers essential prospecting information such as direct dials and valid business emails directly from browsing company websites or LinkedIn profiles. With a database covering 70% of mobile numbers in NA and 50% in EMEA and APAC, sales users can access accurate contact details and seamlessly save them to their CRM without leaving their browser tab.

What is the Best Chrome Extension for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)?

Several top Chrome extensions cater to the needs of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). Among the most popular ones are SMARTe, Lavender, Instant Booker by Chili Piper, Dooly, and Forest. Each of these tools offers unique functionalities to enhance prospecting, email outreach, meeting scheduling, CRM integration, and productivity. Consider evaluating these Chrome extensions to determine the best fit for your sales workflow and objectives.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Chrome Extension for SDRs?

When selecting the best Chrome extension for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), it's essential to consider several factors. These include the extension's compatibility with your CRM system, ease of use and integration into your existing workflow, data accuracy and freshness, availability of key features such as prospecting tools, email personalization capabilities, meeting scheduling automation, and overall user experience. Additionally, consider user reviews, pricing plans, and customer support quality to make an informed decision that aligns with your sales objectives and requirements.

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