The end of the year is the time when B2B events and conferences take place. October is here and if you have been attending or even sponsoring these events you may have a lot of opportunities around the corner.They maybe people you met or some keynote speaker or even a new friend you made at an after-party.

You need to act fast and get in touch or these opportunitiesmay not stay warm for long. We have put together some important post-event steps that you must prioritize to turn these in-person meetings and conversations into prospects and then customers. Do this once you’re in office:

1. Monitor and keep a tab on Accounts

Create alerts on google, follow those accounts on LinkedIn to stay on top of everything that is happening around them. It can be about their hiring trends, what they talk about, or any information that can be used as a conversation starter to personalized them and thus in turn help you land a closed won.

2. Track trigger events

They may have spoken about seeking investment, or mentioned expansion plan in their keynote or a conversation with you. Keep a track of these events to know when you should reach out next.

3. List down standouts from as many conversations

Discussed their reason for attending the event, what they did at their company, about a recent challenge or accomplishment they had at work, or even a booth they mentioned they have enjoyed and suggested you must visit, list down and maintain this list to personalize your follow up with them.

4. Forgot to collect their business card or contact information?

You are bound to meet 100s of folks at these events. There are chances of missing out on asking outreach details or you may have connected with some on LinkedIn and may not have their emails or direct dial. A data enrichment tool like SMARTe will help you fill in the missing lead information. Mobile numbers for calling and job titles for personalizing conversation if missing can be found. You can also validate business emails.

5. Reach out at the right time

Conference/event buzz won't last more than a week. It is advisable to send emails or LinkedIn inmails within 24-48 hours. Let them know you were listening and make the conversation personal instead of making it seem like a routine emails blast.

6. Leverage shorter forms

People who may have visited your booth or someone you spoken to about your company must have got curious enough to visit your website. They may visit your pricing or demo page. Make sure your forms are shorter or have only relevant fields to increase chances of a successful form submission. Capture crucial information and then use a data enrichment tool to append other needed fields.

7. Align Sales & Marketing

You and your colleague may have met the same person or they might exist in your CRM. Sales reps can notify marketing teams about this, you don't want to send across multiple emails to the same person. Append your leads for effective segmentation and eliminate duplicate contacts using a data enrichment tool.

8. Notify sales when a prospect or a key influencer engages

The person you met may have clicked on your ad they saw somewhere or may have booked a demo. Notify the account owner when they engage and create a workflow to grab the opportunity.

9. Be quick to follow up and staying connected

Send follow up emails to make sure the conversation you had does not die down. Connect on LinkedIn to stay in touch. You’ll either win a customer or a new pal.

SMARTe can get you global sales intelligence data to make post-event follow-up a breeze. Ready to uncover insights, engage and connect with prospects, and close deals faster? Book a demo today.

Niraja Kadakuntla

Niraja is a Sales Devleopement enthusiast and excels in writing from her experience about selling and how to build relationships with prospects.

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All your questions, answered.

What steps should I take after attending a B2B event or conference?

After attending a B2B event or conference, it's crucial to act fast and capitalize on the opportunities you've encountered. From monitoring key accounts to tracking trigger events and maintaining personalized conversations, there are several post-event steps you should prioritize to convert interactions into prospects and customers.

How can I ensure I don't miss out on valuable connections from the event?

It's common to meet numerous people at B2B events, but it's essential not to let valuable connections slip away. If you forgot to collect contact information or need to fill in missing details, consider using a data enrichment tool like SMARTe to retrieve crucial lead information. This ensures you have the necessary details to reach out and follow up effectively.

When is the best time to reach out to contacts after an event?

The buzz and excitement from a conference or event typically fade within a week, so it's advisable to send follow-up emails or LinkedIn messages within 24-48 hours. This shows your contacts that you were attentive and interested in continuing the conversation, increasing the likelihood of a meaningful interaction and conversion.

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