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"SMARTe's Outlook for 2024: Navigating the Evolving GTM Landscape"

Congratulations, if you're reading this, you've successfully navigated a whirlwind of economic challenges in the past few years. As we look ahead, the landscape for go-to-market (GTM) strategies is rapidly transforming. The era of growth at any cost is behind us, and the demand for efficient growth strategies is at the forefront. In this blog, we'll explore key predictions for 2024 in the GTM realm, drawing insights from industry experts.

Prediction #1: Automation Revolutionizes SDR Roles  

In 2024, we anticipate a significant shift in Sales Development Representative (SDR) roles, driven by the increasing adoption of automation. Recent experiments have revealed the shortcomings of current practices, with a staggering 68% of companies failing to respond to real C-level officer inquiries. Automation, fueled by advanced AI capabilities, is poised to bridge this gap. AI-driven personalization, streamlined lead forms, automated lead routing, and generative AI for customized follow-ups will enhance efficiency and optimize the sales cycle.

Prediction #2: CRMs Take a Back Seat to Interconnected Data Sources

In 2024, the trend of messy and overburdened Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems is expected to reach a breaking point. The focus will shift towards investments in the interconnection of customer data outside the CRM. GTM teams recognize the necessity of first-party, second-party, and third-party data for a comprehensive view of their customers. This leads to a significant investment in data orchestration, with businesses seeking customer data platforms (CDPs) to streamline data accessibility and interconnectivity.

Prediction #3: Warm Calling Transforms Outreach Strategies

Cold calling, a perennial topic in sales discussions, is set to undergo a transformation in 2024. Enhanced by actionable intelligence from intent data and sophisticated buying signals, outreach efforts will become more targeted and efficient. The overuse of email and anticipated platform pushback against spam will drive a shift towards warmer leads and a greater reliance on quality direct and mobile phone numbers.

Prediction #4: The Rise of AI Assistants in Sales

GenAI is expected to make a tangible impact on day-to-day GTM operations in 2024, particularly in customer-focused roles. AI-powered virtual assistants or copilots will automate standard processes, allowing sales reps to focus on high-impact activities. While large enterprises have been cautious in adopting AI assistants due to security and scalability concerns, the second year of the GenAI era is anticipated to bring about a significant change.

Prediction #5: Sales and Marketing Unify

The longstanding pursuit of alignment between sales and marketing teams is evolving into unification. Companies leveraging unified GTM tech platforms are experiencing more efficient and aligned operations. The convergence of AI models, enhanced identity resolution, and increased integration are breaking down traditional barriers between sales and marketing.

Prediction #6: Account-Based GTM Takes Center Stage  

The industry is witnessing a shift towards account-based experiences (ABX) as the default approach in modern B2B in 2024. The pull of account-based strategies will lead to a reallocation of marketing technology spend from automation platforms towards targeting, qualifying, and winning accounts. This shift emphasizes the need for sales to align with marketing in adopting an account-based path.


As we step into 2024, the GTM landscape is poised for significant changes. Automation, interconnected data sources, warm calling strategies, AI assistants, sales and marketing unification, and account-based GTM are key trends that GTM teams can leverage for a successful and adaptive go-to-market strategy. Embracing these trends will position organizations at the forefront of the evolving marketplace. Cheers to a transformative year ahead!

Vikram Maram

Vikram is VP, Growth & Strategy at SMARTe and is actively engaged in marketing, selling and solution-ing. Here he writes about everthing Sales Intelligence.

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All your questions, answered.

What Exactly is GTM Prediction 2024, and Why Should Businesses Care?

GTM Prediction 2024 stands for Go-To-Market Prediction for the year 2024. It involves forecasting market trends and consumer behavior to aid businesses in strategic decision-making. Understanding GTM Prediction 2024 helps companies anticipate shifts in the market landscape, enabling them to adapt their strategies proactively for better outcomes.

How Can Companies Leverage GTM Prediction 2024 to Gain a Competitive Edge?

Leveraging GTM Prediction 2024 empowers businesses to stay ahead of the competition by anticipating market changes and consumer preferences. By utilizing predictive analytics and insights, companies can tailor their product offerings, marketing strategies, and resource allocation to meet evolving market demands effectively.

What Tools or Approaches Are Available for Implementing GTM Prediction 2024?

Implementing GTM Prediction 2024 involves utilizing advanced analytics tools, data mining techniques, and market research methodologies. Companies can leverage AI-driven predictive models, historical data analysis, and industry benchmarks to generate actionable insights. By adopting these tools and approaches, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize their go-to-market strategies for success in 2024 and beyond.

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