Clearbit is a remarkable tool in the business intelligence landscape, offering real-time data enrichment and contact details to many businesses. However, every business has unique needs, and you might find yourself seeking Clearbit alternatives that better align with your specific requirements.

If you are in the business of marketing and sales, you are probably already familiar with Clearbit. With features such as IP tracking that transforms website traffic into potential leads, Clearbit has proven to be a powerful ally for businesses. But is Clearbit the perfect fit for every business? Are there other tools that could better serve your specific needs like finding mobile numbers for your prospects or getting job change updates when your champion switches companies? Let's delve into the world of Clearbit alternatives to find the answers.

Why Consider Clearbit Alternatives?

While Clearbit offers a robust set of features for business intelligence, it may not cater to all specific needs. Here are some reasons why you might consider looking at Clearbit alternatives:

  • Cost Concerns: Clearbit might be pricey for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.

Cost Concerns
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  • Feature Overwhelm: Clearbit's extensive features might be overwhelming for some users.
Feature Overwhelm
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  • Integration Challenges: If Clearbit doesn't integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM or marketing stack, it could lead to inefficiencies.
Integration Challenges
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  • Geography-Specific Needs: Weaker coverage outside North America so might have to consider an alternative with a strong global coverage.
Geography-Specific Needs
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  • Inaccurate and Outdated Data: Contacts aren’t refreshed that frequently which can lead to outdated details on the contact.
Inaccurate and Outdated Data
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Top five Clearbit alternatives


SMARTe help you find company and contact information in your TAM. It offers compliant contact data in NA, EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Its database has validated B2B emails, direct dials, and mobile numbers availability of 70% in NA and 45-50% in EMEA, APAC & LATAM.

SMARTe has the best match rate which helps you enrich and append your CRM data with accurate and up to date information.

Seamless integrations with sales tools and CRMs allow customers to integrate SMARTe with their existing systems and workflows.

With SMARTe’s Extension you can prospect on company websites & LinkedIn.  

Pricing: You can book a demo for free with 10 reveal credits per month or check out our pricing here.

SMARTe Review
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2. Cognism

Cognism is a versatile B2B data solution that excels in providing detailed firmographic and contact information. With a user-friendly platform, Cognism empowers businesses with an extensive database of high-quality leads, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking data enrichment.

Key Features

  • Broad global contact data coverage
  • Manually verified mobile dataset
  • Seamless integrations, including native Salesforce integration
  • Compliance with CCPA and GDPR


  • Access to 2x more cell phone numbers than other providers
  • Manually verified mobile dataset with 98% accuracy


  • No specific tools for efficient prospecting


Cognism offers custom packages with unrestricted views and page-level exporting, subject to a fair use policy.

Cognism Review
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3. is a comprehensive B2B data and lead generation platform. It offers a wealth of business contacts, email addresses, and firmographic data. While pricing varies,'s robust features and automation capabilities make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Sequences for emails, calls, and tasks
  • Email automation with templates and A/B tests
  • AI sales assistant


  • Affordable B2B database
  • AI sales assistant for improved efficiency
  • Useful email automation features


  • Limits the number of mobile contacts in each plan
  • Requires granting Apollo a license to access and use your customer-submitted data

Pricing: offers a feature-limited free plan. Paid packages are based on credits. Review
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4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B database and data enrichment platform. It provides access to an extensive database of business contacts and firmographic data. While its pricing is on the higher side, its wealth of information makes it a valuable choice for enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Packages for sales, marketing, recruitment, and operations teams
  • Good US market data but expensive for global data
  • Proprietary intent data


  • Large database of professional and company profiles
  • Offers specific packages based on business needs


  • Expensive for global data
  • Lack of innovation regarding the core product


ZoomInfo's pricing is available after a consultation. It depends on the number of seats, credits, and add-ons.

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5. is a data enrichment and lead generation tool known for its accuracy and reliability. It simplifies the process of finding and enriching contact information, making it a valuable choice for businesses seeking high-quality data to fuel their sales and marketing efforts.

Key Features:

  • Large contact and business information database
  • Data segmentation and filtering options


  • Access to millions of verified contact and business information
  • Good for small businesses


  • Does not provide cell phone numbers


Subscription pricing starts at $24/month for 1,000 contacts.

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Clearbit is a powerful data enrichment tool, but there are several alternatives that offer unique features and may better suit your business needs. SMARTe, Apollo, Cognism, and are among the top Clearbit alternatives worth considering. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and it's crucial to evaluate them based on your specific requirements.

Whether you prioritize comprehensive features, data accuracy, email campaigns, or global coverage, there is a Clearbit alternative that can meet your sales and marketing needs. Consider the features, pricing, and integration capabilities of each tool to make an informed decision and find the perfect sales tool for your business.

Remember to request demos or trials to see how each tool aligns with your workflow and objectives. By choosing the right Clearbit alternative, you can enhance your sales efforts, improve data accuracy, and drive better results for your business.

SMARTe competes with Clearbit and has successfully helped well-known market leaders like Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and more to create more opportunities in their TAM.

Get a demo to understand if we could be an ideal fit for your company. We would be glad to run a live count check for you, based on your ICP.

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