There are a plethora of SaaS tools available to make your workflows easier and more productive. You have CRMs to manage your data, tools to update your Salesforce, tools to manage your projects, and a lot more. You point to a task and there is a tool out there for it.

Among these tools is a hidden gem that does a behind-the-scenes job to help your revenue – a data enrichment tool.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is the process of appending and enhancing existing CRM data and is critical for managing data and maintaining hygiene.

Data is dynamic and by appending obsolete and inaccurate data to its most recent value, becomes a superpower.

But how?

Data enrichment tools help you append your contact or ABM data by filling in the missing blanks with updated and additional information. Some of these tools also give you insights into what contacts/lead you cannot contact because of outdated information i.e. giving you an idea of your CRM health.

Why do you need a data-enrichment tool?

  • To have an efficient lead-scoring model in place, you require accurate and up-to-date information on those leads, ensuring that your sales teams receive well-qualified leads.
  • To prevent email/domain blacklisting, accurate business emails are advised to avoid hard bounces and reduce the chances of your emails landing in your recipient’s spam folder.
  • Mandatory GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM compliance is taken care of when you know which contact has specific regulations based on its use and the duration it can remain in your CRM.
  • You also reduce CPL as you don’t include outdated leads in campaigns.

Data enrichment has various benefits with ROI being one of them. We have made a list of some of the best data enrichment tools in the market you can try based on your organization’s requirements.

Best Data Enrichment Tools in 2023


Source: SMARTe

SMARTe’s Enrich is built for real-time company and contact enrichment. 55+ data fields are enriched with technographics and firmographics, your prospect’s mobile numbers and valid business emails. Track your CRM health status and get job change notifications when your prospect changes roles.

Get valid emails with a proprietary email tool that sorts through millions of records, to match and provide you with in-depth insights on your prospects from SMARTe’s database covering 200+ countries, 226 million contacts, and 20 million companies.


  • Multiple delivery options like– CRM, secure on-demand, and APIs 
  • Data is refreshed every 90 days
  • Emails are human-verified and mobile numbers have 70% coverage in North America and 45-50% coverage in EMEA, LATAM, and APAC across 104 countries.


Wondering how can your sales team get usable and relevant data quickly, without spending hours on research? Use SMARTe Enrich, book a demo to give it a go!

2. Clearbit

Source: Clearbit

Clearbit is a real-time data enrichment tool that pulls all the associated data on providing a corporate email or domain. It provides job and location change updates on your prospects. Clearbit integrates with major CRM/MAP to enrich your data.


  • Data is refreshed every 30 days
  • Integrates with your website to append lead forms


  • We tested their tool using a 1-month old email and it could only accurately pull company data
  • Pricey
  • No Chrome Extension for prospecting 

3. Zoominfo

Source: Zoominfo

Known for its data offerings, you can use Zoominfo’s data enrichment tool to verify company and contact data in a few clicks by connecting it to your Salesforce. It also gives you a score assessing the completeness of the profile.


  • Access to the largest database in NA


  • Less availability of global data
  • Priced highly
  • Delayed enrichment updates due to database size
  • Verifies mobile numbers with a community-based system rather than in-house human verification.

Compare SMARTe vs. ZoomInfo here. 

4. Snov.io

Source: Snov.io

Snov.io is an email verification and email-sending tool. It works as a data enrichment tool with Snov API that fully integrates the Snov.io service into the platform and gets full lead profiles based on email addresses only.


  • Easy to use


  • Limited information covering only emails and email-related data.

Other Data Enrichment tools:

How do I choose a Data Enrichment tool?

Every business has their own specific needs. What data points are important to you? Is it business emails for marketing campaings? Is it mobile phone numbers for cold calling? Do you need technographics for better targeting competitors mobiles?

Consider these factors when assessing a B2B Data Enrichment tool:

Coverage and Data availability

Check your tools coverage. You might need to append information for a certain geography. Check if the data enrichment tools covers that region.


Check if they comply with GDPR and CCPA to avoid legal risks. It better to be safe than sorry.


Choose a data enrichment tool that integrates well with your CRM, Sales Engagement tool and other apps in your tech stack.

Credit Use

Check how many credits they use for enriching a contact. Do they charge a credit per field or for all contact fields?


Redundant data comes with a significant cost. Data when enriched is actionable and improves conversion. Therefore, data enrichment tools are a key part of your sales and marketing tech stack.

Utilize data enrichment tools to ensure you are not wasting time by cold calling and marketing to leads you can’t reach. Data enrichment tools append existing data and incoming leads giving you all the information you need on your prospects to segment, target, and personalize better.

What other data enrichment tools have you used and would recommend?

If you are currently evaluating data enrichment tools, we suggest taking a look at SMARTe’s Enrich.

Enrich is a data enrichment tool built by keeping sales and marketing users in mind. Sales and marketing end up spending 64.8% of their time calling and emailing outdated contacts or people who aren’t relevant and doing non-revenue-generating tasks like research and cleaning up data. 

We could help you get deeper insights into your top prospects by providing a dynamic, automated, and on-demand approach to data enrichment. 

You could try our data enrichment for yourself or we would be glad to give you a quick overview of how our tool works.

Happy prospecting!!!!

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All your questions, answered.

What Are Data Enrichment Tools and How Do They Work?

Data enrichment tools are software solutions designed to enhance and supplement existing datasets with additional information to improve their quality, accuracy, and usefulness. These tools automate the process of appending or updating data fields such as demographic details, firmographics, technographics, and contact information. By leveraging various data sources and algorithms, data enrichment tools help businesses gain deeper insights into their target audience, improve segmentation, and personalize marketing and sales efforts for better engagement and conversion.

What Are Some Examples of Data Enrichment Tools for Lead Generation?

Several data enrichment tools are available in the market to help businesses enhance their lead generation efforts. Examples of popular lead enrichment tools include Smarte, ZoomInfo, Clearbit, and Snov.io. These tools offer features such as real-time data appending, contact verification, firmographic enrichment, and integration with CRM systems, enabling sales and marketing teams to identify and engage with high-quality leads more effectively.

What Factors Should Businesses Consider When Choosing Data Enrichment Tools?

When selecting the best data enrichment tools for their needs, businesses should consider several factors to ensure alignment with their objectives and requirements. Key factors to evaluate include the accuracy and freshness of the data provided by the tool, the breadth and depth of data sources, ease of integration with existing systems, user interface and ease of use, customer support quality, and pricing structure. Conducting thorough research, requesting product demos, and reading user reviews can help businesses make informed decisions and maximize the value of their investment in data enrichment tools.

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